What Is The Family IRA LLC?

See that? That’s the rock I’ve been hiding under. At least that’s probably what you think since my blog has been pretty quiet for a few months.

In reality, the past few months have been more productive than usual, but it’s been a lot of “behind the scenes” happenings that don’t automatically turn into blog posts.

Today I ran across something that I thought you should know about.

The Family IRA LLC

It’s an LLC that is owned by the IRAs of multiple family members. Sounds neato, right?

Well, bluntly… it’s illegal. Specifically, the government already said so, as I enlightened you a couple of years ago when I was all wrapped up in technical research and reporting.

Why do people promote the “Family IRA LLC”? Well, because this stuff is confusing, and I found out years ago I’m the only person in the world who goes to the government to ask for clarification.

Every time I visit my government agents friends in D.C. I always ask, “Has anyone else come to you from the self-directed IRA and 401(k) industry to get to the bottom of what strategies are legal and what are not?”


Year after year, and so it goes.

That’s why this blog is free. And that’s why I’m creating more free education as we speak to be available through the IRA Association of America.

I want to make sure everyone who hears a sales pitch about a too-good-to-be-true loophole-ish strategy can search Google and get a dose of reality about what can and can’t be done.

There’s just too many amazingly powerful and effective non-Wall-Street investment strategies out there that are 100% legal… to be messing around with shenanigans.

Why You Can’t See My New Projects

I’ve been focusing on helping people who are serious about intelligently protecting and building their wealth.

On the internet, I think there is the random web visitor, the blog subscriber, the email subscriber, and the customer.

Each type more serious than the previous.

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