Weak economy strengthens the incentive for a Solo 401k

This is quite a simple concept so this post will be very brief.

  • Our weak economy has brought very high inflation: currently 13% per year.
  • Future dollars are worth much less than dollars today.
  • With a Solo 401k you can make tax-deductible contributions to your retirement plan in today’s dollars and pay taxes later in less valuable dollars.
  • Successful entrepreneurs and self employed individuals can contribute $46,000 per year or more to their Solo 401k.

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  1. Jeff:

    I recently heard you speak about what it will take for IRA/401K owners (investors) to make up for the losses in the market and reach investment goals (the number of the amount determined required for retirement). The calculations and the resultant number was very surprising. It seems the only realistic way for people to invest for retirement is to take charge and become educated about self directed/alternative asset investing in thier IRA and Qual Plans and detremine if that is for them.

  2. Dan,

    We are all finding that the desirable doesn’t come easy. We all desire a secure financial future that is only possible through wealth preservation and/or growth. As current events unfold, it is becoming more apparent that to invest in the stock market is easy, while the results are undesirable.

    The beauty of our country is that there are powerful strategies built right into our laws that give each of us a tremendous opportunity to achieve the desirable with a little bit of research, education, and independent thinking.


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