Top Secret Project (and the shocking truth about Self-Directed IRA and Solo 401k investors)

Ok, here’s the deal…

Highly sophisticated investors are…

…setting up a self-directed IRA or Solo 401k and then getting stuck in the rut of investing the same way most other self-directed IRA and Solo 401k investors are doing it. They are pursuing the same types of deals, making the same kinds of assumptions, and getting the same kinds of results.

And those results aren’t necessarily good. In fact, I am 100% convinced that the majority of self-directed investors are either losing wealth or becoming long-term illiquid (and most likely losing wealth ultimately).

That’s right. It’s the dirty little shameful truth of this niche industry. But self-directed IRA custodians don’t want to let that cat out of the bag or else they would deter the majority of their clients.

Novice investors are…

…not setting up self-directed retirement accounts because they seem too complicated and too counter-culture.

End result? They are getting slammed by a stock market that can’t deliver and the unrelenting inflation that comes with a phony monetary system.

So who is actually winning this game and what are they doing?

Now that’s a question worth asking. That’s the one that matters. It’s where my brain resides for dozens of hours per week—and has been for years. And, of course, the game to which I refer is that of protecting and building wealth. Not money, but wealth (there’s a difference). For most Americans, this game largely comes down to how the player handles his retirement funds.

After thousands of hours of pondering our important question, the answer is much simpler than I thought it would be. It’s simple enough that even the extremely novice investor can get better results than the ultra-sophisticated investors who are asking highly technical questions to me here on this blog.

What this means for you

You, dear reader, are in for a treat. A multi-faceted project is underway at my company, Nabers Group, to go far beyond setting up a structure (such as IRA LLC or Solo 401k) that has the potential to deliver your wealth building and wealth protection goals.

We’ll soon be launching a variety of new services and information products that will empower you to manifest your wealth building and protection goals. Rather than give you a map, we’ll hold your hand to get you there.

This may sound vague because it is. After all, isn’t that what a secret project is all about?

I’ve leaked a bit of info to my Nabers Group clients about my secret project and how it will help them, and the feedback has been full of excitement and anticipation.

So whether you consider yourself highly sophisticated or a novice when it comes to investing, keep an eye on this blog for access to our new programs, courses, and products. And one hint and somewhat of a fair warning… some of these programs will naturally be of a limited nature, so it will pay get my updates instantly. Hint: Subscribe to the blog feed in the upper right area   😉

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  1. Hey Jeff, Our site is secret! We allow accredited self-directed IRA investors to view and reserve in deals today. Take a look at the site. It is slowly growing as we get more Sponsoring Brokers, Presenting Brokers and Borrowers presenting investments.

    Can’t wait for your big news!

  2. Good article…I’ve just started getting into self directed iras. Saw a site about this the other day ( and now this article. Seems like a good deal.

  3. Some very good advice here, however personal budgeting can also help you achieve your financial goals. Being a CPA we’ve published everything you need to know to get yourself out of debt forever.

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