Okay, here it goes in English. You know, the kind that people actually speak:

I am not your Attorney, CPA, Tax Advisor, Tax Preparer, or Investment Advisor. In fact, I am not anybody’s Attorney, CPA, Tax Advisor, Tax Preparer, or Investment Advisor. I am an educator, publisher, author, investor, entrepreneur, novice capoeirista, guitarist, racquetball player, skier, snowboarder, tennis player, and rat terrier owner… but I am not your professional advisor.

None of the information I publish or distribute is intended or allowed to be used as a replacement for the professional advice you would receive from any of those previously mentioned advisors. Do, however, feel free to use this information to educate yourself, enrich your perspective, and better prepare yourself to productively work with your advisors.

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[That’s the plain English, and you are bound by the full terms and conditions as well.]


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