Prohibited Transactions Guide Book – 50 Free Copies

I’ve written a comprehensive guide book on prohibited transactions. These will be available for sale soon for $39 + $5 shipping. I’m making 50 copies available completely free of charge on a first come first serve basis.

If you’d like one of these 50 free copies, please email your name & shipping address to:

specialoffer3 [at symbol] nabersgroup [dotcom]

This blog has been viewed over 20,000 times since April, so act fast  😉

### Update – October 3, 2008

We have shipped out all 50 free copies. Thanks for your interest. If you are one of the 50 to receive a free copy, please feel free to come back here and give us your feedback in the comments area below.

Reader Interactions


  1. Hi Jeff:

    I returned your e-mail last week within minutes accepting this offer–did you get it? I would like to a copy of this book. I will promote it.

  2. Dan, yes we have your copy reserved.

    Everyone who has responded will be getting an email soon indicating whether they will be receiving one of the 50 free copies and when they will be shipped. Thanks!


  3. Hi Jeff:

    I am fascinated with the IRA LLC. My father in law is ready to take the plunge into one, and I need to advise him accordingly. May I have a free book?



  4. Paul,

    To request a free book please follow the instructions in the post. It instructs you to send an email. For your reference you can assemble the email address by replacing:

    “[at symbol]” with “@”; and
    “[dotcom]” with “.com”


  5. Hi Jeff

    I have emailed for the free book, hope I got the email in on time. I have found your site and IRAAA very helpful and beneficial. I am planning on being in Denver in October. I am working with a couple of guys who are investing in Real Estate in Michigan. One is a contractor and one is a Real Estate Appraiser and Broker. They want to create IRA-LLCs to purchase Real Estate and flip the houses. The main issue is one wants to do this for pure IRA investment while the other wants to earn money from the flips immediately. I was thinking about this and thinking maybe the one that wants to earn money now could just invest less than 25% in the LLC so that it was not a plan and then there could be ’self dealing’ I have read some on this, but I would like your comments regarding this and whether there are other options for these two gentlemen.


    Richard Edmonds

  6. Richard,

    I don’t fully understand the circumstances from your original post, but I hope this helps… I do understand there are two people, at least one of them has IRA funds and at least one of them needs money now to eat and pay the bills.

    Person #1 could direct their IRA LLC to participate in investments involving person #2 – if person #2 is not a disqualified person with respect to the IRA of person #1. In such a case, person #2 could receive compensation to eat and pay his bills now. However, person #1 could not be receiving any compensation or benefit (directly or indirectly) as a result of directing his IRA LLC.

  7. Jeff,

    I am trying to get some start up capital into my sons Roth IRA LLC, can the LLC take an unsecured loan from his uncle ( I believe he is not disqualified)? I do not want to get into an UBIT issues. Any suggestions if this does not work? Thx


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