Nabers Group vs. the Other Guys

Why should you use my company to setup a Self-Directed IRA, IRA LLC, or Solo 401(k) instead of those others?

It’s quite simple really…

Those other companies all promote an illegal scheme called ROBS, and if you are a client of a company promoting an illegal scheme, you are a target for nasty IRS audits.

Best case audit scenario: After months or years of being audited, you are finally cleared. Your assets might be frozen during that time, and you may incur tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees to defend yourself.

Worst case scenario: If you used the ROBS strategy yourself with, say a couple hundred thousand dollars, you could incur MILLIONS of dollars in taxes. Yep, you read that right. The tax penalties are severe.

What is ROBS?

ROBS is a fancy, semi-complex strategy involving a C-Corp, a 401(k), and you using your retirement funds to start, purchase or grow a business. I’m a huge fan of starting, buying, and growing businesses.

I think you should start or buy a business if you don’t already own one.

And I think you should be able to do whatever you like with all of your money.

Buuuuut… the government disagrees. The government says ROBS is illegal, and they aren’t yet going after ROBS promoters or ROBS users. Yet.

So basically, if you become a client of any of these other companies, you are associated with the promoters of an illegal scheme that the government will probably eventually pursue.

That kind of messes up the idea of gaining freedom, control, and independence, doesn’t it? I mean, I’m just guessing that your idea of freedom is NOT having your assets frozen by the IRS and being subjected to a multi-year, grueling audit.

The Nabers Group Difference

So, that’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it? We here at Nabers Group don’t take you to a magic fountain of youth, mystically multiply your investments by 10,000% per hour or anything like that. (That would be nice though, wouldn’t it?)

All we do is refrain from promoting flimsy “loophole theory” strategies that could get you in big trouble. As a Nabers Group client, one of the things you’ll enjoy is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are safe. If you’re not a client yet, check us out by calling 877-903-2220.


Odds and ends: Did you know that most Self-Directed IRA/401k investors FAIL? Learn how to steer clear of common, yet avoidable mistakes… and successfully preserve and grow your wealth.

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  1. Bold assertions, but not one cite to back it up? Provide statute, opinion letter, something in writing that the “government” or “they” state the schemes you consider are illegal.

  2. Hi, Al!

    Thanks for your interest in citations and sources. Most parts of the post where you see underlined text, that is a link. If you follow the links, they will lead you to posts that will provide the technical legal information you are looking for.

    Happy Researching!

    – Jeff

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