Is the Health Care Bill a Distraction From What’s Next?

Everyone is talking about health care. “How could the politicians do this with a strong majority of American in opposition?”

This video provides some insight into the never-ending string of government takeovers, and seeing the whole picture is alarming. One lesson from all of this is that complaining doesn’t work. Neither does disapproving. What does work is being prepared to defeat government takeover attempts.

Discussed in the video is what I believe is one of the most fundamental characteristics for a free society. Enjoy!

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  1. I watched this video with interest. I had previously contacted your company to help me setup a solo 401k, but was told that you weren’t accepting any new clients right now. I can understand that.

    What I’m wondering, is are you now recommending a SD-IRA w/ LLC in place of a solo401k? Or, can you get the same type of protection from a solo401k as well?


  2. Hi, dd.

    The Solo 401k offers the same type of protection (which is a matter of direction possession of wealth).

    This project you viewed today is a matter of aiming to inspire massive action and I’m doing everything I can to make things as SIMPLE as possible and easy to follow. For that reason I’m just focusing on the IRA LLC for this project.



  3. Jeff-

    I have a ROTH IRA and I want to convert it to one of your products – is this possible? And convert it to ‘what’?

  4. Jeff,

    My daughter, who works for the government, has a 457 retirement account (similar to a 401k). Can she roll that over into a personal IRA, as long as she still works for the government?

  5. Jeff,

    Can you give us inforamtion on Swiss Annuities and if they are a good investment right now (benefits and risks).

  6. Hi, Frank.

    Usually with an employer plan it depends on the document governing that plan. She should check with her administrator to see if the plan allows for “in service transfers” or “in service distributions.”


  7. Re: Swiss Annuities

    I think they are a great tool, yet they can be very confusing and right now most annuity companies over there won’t deal with Americans.

    However… I’ve got some powerful annuity solutions up my sleeve and I’ll fill you in within about 60 days (hold tight!).


  8. Jeff,

    If the government decides to nationalize retirement plans and force us to invest in treasury bonds, what protection does a solo 401k offer?


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