Internet Business Not Waiting For Government’s Proposed “Small Business Lending Fund”

“One of the issues is should we be spending 30 billion on small business investment when there’s this big deficit that we need to address and that certainly concerns me,” says Internet small business CEO, Elizabeth Pitt. She’s not alone. The cries to stop the government spending are being heard everywhere. In the President’s State of the Union address, he outlined his solutions to help Main Street. However, it could be just another band aid. One part of the solution diverts funds from the large bank repaid TARP money to more banks…this time, banks that have less than $10 billion in assets with the hope that they’ll lend the money to small businesses. But one self-employed businesswoman isn’t waiting for a handout… instead, Pitt is already taking in cash flow from her company. Watch this video to see how this entrepreneur successfully chose an online niche market and learn how small businesses can save America.

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