Filing Deadlines: 5500-EZ & 990-T

5500-EZ for Solo 401(k) plans

If your Solo 401(k) plan assets exceeded $250,000 in value in 2007, a 5500-EZ must be filed by July 30, 2008. This is an informational return used to report plan value to the IRS and does not require any tax payment.

990-T for IRAs with mortgage financed real estate

If your IRA owns mortgage leveraged real estate, a form 990-T should have been filed with UBIT payment by April 15, 2008. Unrelated Business Income Tax is one an IRA must pay on the portion of income or gains attributable to the mortgage leverage used. For example, if your IRA owned a property with a 50% debt to basis ratio, then 50% of its income would be taxable at trust rates. While many investors balk at the idea of paying taxes on IRA profits, a tax analysis in most scenarios typically favors paying UBIT over making the same investment with non-retirement funds.

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