In case you haven’t heard through the grapevine, my new book, UNLIMITED INVESTING With a Self-Directed IRA LLC or Solo 401(k): Break Free From Wall Street To Build Real Wealth With Alternative Investments, will be available soon.

I’ve joined forces with Phoebe Chongchua to write the book, and it’s almost through the editing process. If you are unsure what to invest in right now, then this book is for you. Inflation or deflation? Real estate or gold? Own assets domestically or internationally? These questions are thoroughly examined and answered through 12 real-life investor case studies – successes and failures. We expect the book to be available in May, but you can pre-order it now. Use the code “realwealth4”.

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  1. I’m confused, does this book exist or will it exist? It is advertised in the 5 Steps book as a companion book or the book to buy to get detailed info about Solo 401K’s etc, but all links redirect to the 5 Steps book.

  2. Hi, Tim.

    Thanks for your interest! The manuscript for the 2nd book is done, but it hasn’t been turned into the editor…

    I’ve put the book on hiatus because of some huge changes that have occurred.

    I’ve been creating a much more comprehensive information product that details exactly how to protect and build wealth even more rapidly and with less effort than the primary strategies in my first book.

    I made the tough decision to put the 2nd book on hiatus and devote almost all of my efforts to getting this new information product launched which will happen very soon. I had to ask myself what the most important goal of mine was, and in the end helping as many people in as hugely positive of a way as possible was decidedly paramount. That said, the new information product (DVDs, toolkit, etc) achieves my goal better than my 2nd book will.

    I’ll announce the new product on this blog as soon as it’s ready 🙂

    – Jeff

    P.S. Also, all of the information in the 2nd book is also accessible by calling my office at 877-903-2220 and going through our new client education process. (no obligation to buy anything)

  3. Purchased your book on my Kindle and enjoyed reading it. Visited the website and noticed to gain access I need to put in the first word on page 177.

    The Kindle does not give a page number only a position number. So far I’ve had no luck converting it. Any help you could provide would be great. Thanks!

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