Bail yourself out with an Unlimited® 401k

With trillions of dollars going to bailing out failing corporations, who’s going to save you?

Take a look around… you’ll probably have to save yourself. Rollover your IRA or 401k funds into an unrestricted account to open a world of possibilities without triggering any taxes. Here are some ideas…

Invest in gold silver, and other precious metals. The last 35 years is just a tiny blip in human history. The rest of the time humans have been walking this earth, gold has been used as money. We came off the gold standard in 1971 and seem to have forgotten that gold will always be valuable while paper will not. Consider buying gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals to store the value of your wealth.

Cash Flow Real Estate. With the real estate market in turmoil, find a bargain. Instead of hoping for appreciation, look for properties that provide a return-on-investment of at least 10% based on rental income, and own it forever.

Raw Land. Buy land in areas that will always have high demand. As energy prices rise, land near dowtown areas of major cities should have a bright future as urban sprawl reverses.

Foreign Currency. If you are petrified of investing, make the safest bet and keep your money in a foreign bank account in a stable currency. Try Canada or Switzerland.

Foreign Stock Markets. Many countries in Asia and South America have booming stock markets. Skip the U.S. middleman and invest directly with a broker in one of these foreign countries.

Private Companies. You can lend money to small businesses. If you find a business that is looking for investors, you may even be able to buy stock in their business. Sometimes evaluating a small, local business is much easier than a large publicly traded one.

Start your own business. You can use up to $50,000 of your retirement funds to start your own business.

Nabers Group helps individuals enter a world of never ending possibilities every day using Self Directed IRA and Solo 401k plans. Don’t let your personal economy be dragged down with the crashing banks and financial service companies. Be independent and take your finances into your own hands.

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