Audit The FED, Why Not? – Thomas Woods Author of Meltdown Interviewed About Ron Paul's Bill HR 1207

We recently caught up with Thomas Woods the author of the best selling book Meltdown. Learn what he has to say about auditing the Federal Reserve (FED).

Currently, over 300 Congressmen Republicans and Democrats in the House Of Representatives have co-sponsored a Bill HR 1207 – dubbed Ron Paul’s Audit the FED Bill, which would allow Congress to audit the FED.

With the national debt spiraling out of control and fiscal policy seemingly unmanageable, many taxpayers want to see the FED audited. The proposed bill will force the FED open their books to the US taxpayers and their Representatives.

FED Chairman, Ben Bernanke and US Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, according to Thomas Woods, are deeply concerned about the possibility of the FED being audited. What is even more suspicious to Woods is that Tim Geithner has publicly expressed concerns although he is not part of the FED.

You can learn more about Thomas Woods here…

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