A Kindergarten Lesson In Using Your Self-Directed IRA

Well, first off, if you haven’t seen this video yet, check it out here:

[WARNING: There are two instances of cursing. If you are easily upset by cursing or a minor, don’t watch this video]

If you already know how ridiculously bad the Federal Reserve is for you and I, that video is probably a source of comedy. Or maybe you’ll say, “Finally something I can share with my friends who actually believe what the TV and newspapers say.”

But if you didn’t already know about the money game that is currently doing its best to destroy the economy of the wealthiest country in the world, then that probably wasn’t funny at all. It was probably eye opening.

Either way, that video is 90% accurate and its message is important.

You see, we learn and forget over and over that the crowd is wrong. Most people in the crowd lost their shirt in the real estate bubble (especially Self-Directed IRA & Solo 401k investors). Many of those exact same people lost their shirt in the tech stock bubble in 2000. Chances are you know at least one person who always ends up in the crowd and gets financially shafted by these kinds of things.

The trick here is to not forget. Remember that the crowds almost always lose in investing.

And what has the crowd done in the past few years?

“My goodness! Things are going crazy! I’m going to seek the safety of cash. Cash is king. I’m pulling all my money out of stocks and putting it money market accounts or even just a savings account.”

Now try remembering.

Okay, that’s the move the crowd made, so cash is what’s going to blow up and crash next, right?



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