5 Steps To Freedom: How to Cut Your Dependence on Institutions and Escape Financial Slavery



Finally, it’s here! Amazon won’t have it in stock for another 2 to 4 weeks, but you can use the buy now button above to order the book and I’ll ship it directly to you immediately. (If you’ve already ordered one, it’s going out to you today.)

If you’re reading my blog, I assume you want to take control of your finances and your life. Get the book to find out…

  • Why  a rising stock market steals from us
  • Why savings accounts don’t save
  • Why you’re on track to working harder for longer for less
  • An action plan for escaping financial slavery
  • 5 simple steps to freedom

Here’s the official synopsis:

What if everything you’ve been told about personal finance leads you to working harder for longer and for less? Conventional wisdom says to spend less than you earn and dump the rest into the stock market or a savings account. If you follow this plan, you won’t know that you’ve been stolen from until it’s too late. Even a rising stock market steals from its investors. 5 STEPS TO FREEDOM offers a way out.

Nabers and Chongchua reveal illusions that create an invisible bondage that stands in our way of being able to keep what we have and live the life we want. One illusion comes from measuring all things in dollars. Consumer price inflation is a hot topic and 5 STEPS TO FREEDOM gets to the root of the matter: the dollar is an inconstant unit of measurement. Nabers and Chongchua warn, “Each time you look at any dollar-based bank statement, portfolio statement, or any chart or graph and assign meaning to it, you are being misled. You can’t win a game if you can’t see the real score board.” A more effective way of measuring value and avoiding unpleasant surprises is detailed in this groundbreaking blueprint for freedom.

Putting a stop to the silent erosion of your investments and savings is crucial. If you are looking to go a step further and regain your losses, 5 STEPS TO FREEDOM can be customized for rapid wealth growth. Over a dozen real-life case studies are examined to show the patterns of success and failure. Reclaiming individual freedom is integral to the larger struggle for freedom amidst an expanding government and the elitist favoritism practiced between politicians and their corporate friends. This book is your weapon to escape financial slavery and parlay your personal freedom into making our country great again.


Get it today!

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  1. Jeff,
    You had mentioned that you were dividing your new book into two books. When will the other book, I believe “Unlimited Investing” about LLC’s and the like, be available? Thanks!


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