2019 Fed Repo Bailout Now Bigger Than 2008’s—Insiders Say Bail-Ins Are Next

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All right. I want you to remain calm and as you remain calm, I want you to imagine that tomorrow you wake up and your bank is frozen, not your bank account. I mean everyone’s account at your bank and then you take the little plastic cards out of your wallet. They don’t work either because multiple banks are frozen. Now that might sound weird because I’m asking you to remain calm as you imagine that, but I want you to do is separate, backed in rational thinking, which is the fact is this might happen very soon. Banks might be frozen. I want you to separate that from panic. Okay? Don’t panic. The reason why is there are some things you can do to protect yourself and your family and your bank accounts and investment accounts and potentially even ethically profit from bail outs and bail ins. Let’s get into it.

Okay, so the first thing I want to do is share my computer screen and show you the results of a survey that I recently sent out. Now my circle of contacts includes many CEOs, bank executives, high level government officials, family offices, all sorts of investors. A lot of people call this smart money. So what is smart money thinking? Well, I sent out this survey and how concerned are you about the possibility of another financial crisis? 93% are concerned and the number one answer was extremely concerned. Next, if a financial crisis broke out today, how prepared would your investment portfolio be? The number one answer was sort of prepared in a crisis. I’ll probably lose less than the average investor and a 22% said, I’m bulletproof, I’m fine. Those are most likely my clients that I’ve been helping to become prepared well in advance of this.

The remaining 11 and 8% said, I have no idea, or I’m totally unprepared. I’ll experienced painful losses, smart money’s very concerned and smart money feels somewhat unprepared, so let’s help you get more prepared. Now, before I share this next headline with you, if you like real financial news that empowers you to make smart and profitable decisions and times that matter like right now, then click the like button. Also, if you haven’t done so, please subscribe and click that notification bell so you don’t miss out. On the next updates. Next piece of news comes from the Wall Street Journal. The headline literally says, rest easy. The Fed isn’t losing control of money markets. Now you may remember similar things were said right before the 2008 crisis.

If in fact we were to see prices come down substantially across the country. Well, I guess I don’t. By your premise, it’s a pretty unlikely possibility,

right? So real estate prices are not going to go down, says Bernanke right before they did. What about Barney Frank?

Well, you’re not going to see the corral that you see when people talk about a bubble. And so those of us on our committee in particular, we’ll continue to push for homeownership.

You’re not going to see a collapse says congressman just before a collapse. So why is it that when we really look back at the historical record, right before financial crisis, the authorities tell us that it’s not going to happen and then it does happen. Why are they leaving us totally exposed to be blindsided by this stuff? For better or for worse, our economy has become 70% consumption and people consume when they think everything’s great and people don’t when they don’t. So what’s happened is that our government and our authorities have turned into economic cheerleaders so that when times are good and they say they’re good, maybe they get better, but when times are bad, they say they’re good to try to make it better. But that leaves us exposed. Our economy, our mainstream and authoritative information sources has become a confidence game. So when the banks are running out of money, if we don’t continue to have confidence in them, then it will all of a sudden expose that they are insolvent.

And that’s I think at the core, the mainstream thinking out there. So we have a strong financial system and we need to keep our eyes peeled for threats like China or Russia that are trying to attack what is otherwise very strong. Unfortunately, it’s very clear from historical fact to Fiat currencies and fractional reserve banking that this is a very unsound system. And every single night these repo markets that are getting bailed out are essentially a way of putting duct tape on something that wants to fall apart. Every night they add more duct tape to it and add more duct tape to it and now the duct tape is starting to not work anymore. There was also a third question in the survey that was an open text field that said, what’s the single biggest challenges you face with your finances right now? The most common answers were, I’m trying to learn about balance, but I can’t find any good information sources.

I’m concerned that I won’t be able to get my money out of banks. You, my message to you is number one, stay calm, but these are legitimate concerns. My sources inside the banking system say that there’s no end in sight to these bailouts and they are preparing to go to bail ins. No. You’ll hear all about bail ends after they happen, but you need to be thinking about and preparing for bail ins before everyone else knows what they are before it becomes a huge buzzword and definitely before they actually happen. For this reason. I’m teaching an emergency briefing this Monday evening at 8:00 PM eastern seven central six mountain five Pacific. Stay calm. Stay rational, but it’s time to plug in and get prepared. So if you want to know what to do to protect the money in your bank account, protect the money in your brokerage accounts and generally protect yourself and your family from what’s going on right now and what may come next. Click the link below the video in the description to register for the free briefing. I’m going to be sharing actionable steps on how you can protect and also profit from bailouts and bail ins. I’ll see you on the live event. Have a great rest of your day.


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