Entrepreneurs Pursue Business Start-Ups Even in Bad Times

Poor economic times are not dampening the desire for entrepreneurs to start their own business. A study recently showed that there’s little change in the number of U.S. business start-ups in good or bad times. With more people out of work, many are deciding to start their own company, instead of seek employment. They’re following their passion and ideas to create their own wealth and, when they run into obstacles, they’re finding creative ways to finance their business. With traditional funding sources drying up, watch the video to find out how one successful entrepreneur, who launched his company during the recession, received funding and used his own retirement account, Solo 401(k), to help him through difficult times. In just one year his business is booming.

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How the little guy can profit from $4 gas


However, this blog post is different. Turn on the tube to CNN and hear about how “We’re trying very hard to find a viable source of alternative energy to reduce our dependency on oil.” Personally, you can simply buy an electric car (right now). Those savings can be significant, but they can only go so far for your finances. Besides saving money, consider making money off of $4 per gallon gas. Assuming you don’t own Exxon or BP, here are some ideas:

The Contraction of Real Estate Demand – Sprawl Reversal

In this instance I don’t mean “contraction” in terms entire real estate markets losing value, I mean “contraction” in the sense of density. Before recent gas prices started changing the world, suburban sprawl was rampant in the U.S. The easy to obtain mortgage financing provided by the growth of the housing bubble only multiplied sprawl. In cities across America, middle class people found themselves moving to the outer suburban areas where they could have a 4,000 square foot house with a 3 car garage. They were all sipping lemonade on their huge front porches, admiring their white picket fences, and trading stories about flippers and spec homes just before getting sucker punched by gas prices and their rising Adjustable Rate Mortgage payment.

As the “look I’m rich, I swear!” house of cards finally fell, many middle class Americans are finding themselves in one of two categories: [Read more…]

Saving vs. Investing vs. Surrendering

Has your saving really been a loss? Has your investing really been saving? Let’s find out. To start, here are my definitions…

Investing – the placing of assets to build wealth in a way where overall return can be maximized and risk minimized confidently, competently, and consistently.

Saving – the act of reducing spending in an effort to accumulate wealth.

Surrendering – the placing of money into a situation where you have little to no understanding of where your money actually went… and thus little or no control of what happens to it.

Building on that, my philosophy of wealth building contains 4 simple truths:

  1. Investing primarily in the stock market is only possible on a large scale (like Warren Buffett) or with nonpublic information. The latter is illegal and can result in imprisonment.
  2. In the current inflationary environment, saving US dollars results in a loss of wealth… even in a CD or money market fund.
  3. The average person’s investable assets are inside retirement accounts, such as IRAs or 401(k) plans.
  4. The average person cannot invest until they restructure their retirement accounts to have unrestricted investment options.

What you’ve called investing may have actually been saving and surrendering under my definitions.

Investing into a stock may be [Read more…]