Entrepreneurs Pursue Business Start-Ups Even in Bad Times

Poor economic times are not dampening the desire for entrepreneurs to start their own business. A study recently showed that there’s little change in the number of U.S. business start-ups in good or bad times. With more people out of work, many are deciding to start their own company, instead of seek employment. They’re following their passion and ideas to create their own wealth and, when they run into obstacles, they’re finding creative ways to finance their business. With traditional funding sources drying up, watch the video to find out how one successful entrepreneur, who launched his company during the recession, received funding and used his own retirement account, Solo 401(k), to help him through difficult times. In just one year his business is booming.

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Eric Wikstrom does not work for Nabers Group

Just a quick announcement: Eric Wikstrom doesn’t work for Nabers Group. In December an employment agreement was reached for him to work for Nabers Group starting January 1, and the news was leaked to a few people – I’m not sure how many. But, ultimately, the employment was not followed through with, and Eric never came to work for us.

I’m making this announcement because there have apparently been cases of Eric being booked to do presentations and seminars as an employee of Nabers Group.

To refer business to Nabers Group or to book a presentation for your group, please always call our main office number at 877-903-2220.   :-)