Top 3 things You Can Do to Achieve the Ultimate Retirement


In the first episode of the Ultimate Retirement podcast, Jeff teaches you the Top 3 things you can do right now to achieve the Ultimate Retirement.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. The secret to unlocking your IRA and 401k funds
  2. What the ultra-affluent do to protect their wealth
  3. The most important action step to take now to have the retirement you’ve always dreamed of

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How to Prepare your Portfolio for “Crash Season” (Video)

After the last two crashes and bubbles, many investors are beginning to realize how important diversification really is.

Some say, “I just want to avoid losing money.” Others say, “I need to make big gains to catch up on my financial plan.”

Which one works better?

While mutual funds, index funds, and managed money portfolios all try to be “diversified,” many are also considering gold, real estate, annuities, Self-Directed IRAs—all in an effort to find peace of mind and reach their financial goals.

In this video you’ll learn what’s failing and what’s really working for investors now. Press play to watch it.

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The government and big corporations… the Biggest Collapse “Preppers” of All!

Many economists say that if the bailouts didn’t happen, a few banks and their investors would have lost some of their money, and the world would have moved on.

But the bailouts happened because these people claimed the entire worldwide economy would “collapse”.

This is the biggest crime of our time… inspiring crippling fear of “total economic collapse” where Hollywood directors would have everyone’s head exploding simultaneously.

But what we really have isn’t a threat of “total financial collapse”—just a big crash. A lot of people would lose a lot of money, but it would be very much like 2008 was… and 2001 was.

Maybe more widespread and maybe deeper losses. But no exploding heads or cannibalism.

Here’s Proof…

The fuel for the economy is [Read more…]

Which Money Mindset Are You?


The most common money mindset is:

Positive Seeking + Negative Blocking = Sitting Duck

This is what makes bubbles and boom-bust cycles. Most people are a sitting duck each time a bust comes and they lose a lot of money. They know seeking out the positive can be helpful, but they keep hearing “nobody could have seen that coming” or “it surprised us all” as excuses from stupid financial advisors, stupid economists, stupid analysts, stupid politicians, and stupid news anchors. It’s frustrating but the average person doesn’t know that they can do anything about it.

The 2nd money mindset is:

Negative Seeking + Negative Confronting = Stress, Fear, Disease, & Death

When one learns about things working differently than they had thought they did, it’s often presented as “bad news that you can do nothing about.” So while an investor might confront the fact that economic crisis events happen, he concludes nothing can be done to avoid losing tons of money in them. This can cause a “bad news” downward spiral, causing stress and fear, which then can contribute to disease and early death.

While it’s true such a bad outcome is the result of choice, this 2nd mindset prohibits its host from seeing it that way.

The amazingly powerful, but rare 3rd money mindset is: [Read more…]

3 Reasons To Put Real Physical Gold In Your IRA

gold in IRA

Last month I taught a webinar about using Self-Directed IRAs, and I did a Q&A session at the end.

Guess what the #1 question was?

Can I put Real Physical Gold in my IRA, and if so how do I do it?

And I think those investors are on the right track. Real Physical Gold is a major part of my portfolio, and for 3 reasons:

  1. Wealth Preservation
  2. Ongoing Wealth Growth
  3. “Collapse Insurance” Windfall Profits

Most people know about #1. Gold has been storing value successfully for over 3000 years.

On the other hand the dollar is a type of currency known as a “fiat currency” and these have a 100% failure rate. Historically, they’ve always gone to zero.

That usually happens with fiat currencies after about 30 or 40 years, and the dollar became a fiat currency in 1971. (Thanks, Nixon)

That means there’s a really big chance that the dollar could collapse to hyperinflation like all the other fiat currencies have.

Which brings us to #3… [Read more…]